Anonymous: Can you help me get an internet friend. I'm trying to get one but no ones responding to me and I just don't know what to do. Please help me

Sure! Well to start off, it’s a lot easier to make conversation if you have something in common, and don’t make it sound too formal, or just simply introduce yourself and ask a question? I think way too much into it when I message someone for the first time, but often it’s the most relaxed ones that come across best. Also you need to remember some people might post asks publicly, so you’ll have to check their blog to see their reply, and a lot of people get hundreds of asks a day, they can’t reply to everyone, especially with the post limit. 

Other than that, I’d just recommend you keep trying and be yourself. Not everyone out there is looking for friends sadly, and you have to be yourself around your friends! But don’t give up, tonnes of people here are looking for friends! Just check out our blog for a few, it just takes time to find the right ones n.n

I hope this helps and have a great day hun!

Submit box open!

So we’ve noticed there are a lot of people looking for internet friends out there, so we’re opening our submit box maybe its already open idk xD but if you want to get known and make friends, submit us a bit about yourselves and what you like so everyone can know~
Our ask box will remain open, but for questions please ^^

northerndownpour-sends-its-love: Hiya can you assist me with my lack of friends belonging to tumblr? Tank you :D

Of course we can love! We’re here to help, just let us know what we can do!
If anyone wants a new friend, check out this lovely!

hazzalou-xx: Does anyone one want to be my best friend? I am super nice I promse! oh and I kind of love one direction so I hope that's okay ^.^

Hey! I’m sure that’s okay, there are plenty of people out there who love 1D ^^