My name is Christina. I’m 16 years old I like photography,singing,dancing and writing. I love Disney. My tumblr is Christinalovesbands. I also love bands such as pierce the veil and tonight alive etc. If your interested message me c:

I’m Meredith, I’m almost 21.  I love to read, paint, listen to music, go camping and be outdoors. I’m a pastry chef so i’m almost always baking something. Kik: pastryartsgirl

bronyec-1101: Hello so I know I asked for a friend online but honestly I think I rushed into this. I dont even know what this is about. Perhaps you could tell me a little about this blog? If you have the time, that would be greatly appreciated.

Of course! but once again this will be long so I’ll insert a ‘read more”

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fr3e-sp1rit-: How do I like make internet friends without people thinking I'm weird for being interested in their life? Like I want people to talk to me about their problems or anything really I just don't know how to put myself out there, you know?

Ah! I know totally what you mean! I’m exactly the same!! I always question myself like how did I meet all these amazing people?!?

I just realized these are getting super long, so I’m going to write the rest under the cut—

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Anonymous: i really want an internet friend but no one will reply can you help me

i’m realizing my attempts at advice are getting kind of long! So I’ll pot the rest under the cut ^^

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sociotherapy: Can you guys possible help me find any friends?

Sure love! Can can try help! Submit us a bit about yourself and we can post it, else our ask box is open for any advice you’d like n_n