URL: ilovephootoograaphyy

Hey, I’m Hannah, 15 (16 in 3 months) and from Germany.

My biggest “Passion” is photography and I also like to just meet up with friends, talk about everything and nothing, read books, watch movies, listen to music and I recently joined drama group which I enjoy a lot :)

My music taste is rather various, from One Direction to Tom Odell over London Grammar etc. One of my favourite books is The fault in our starts, but I don’t have like ONE favourite because I read so many books I love so yeah :D Films I like are f.ex. the HP series, les mis, the book thief, the hobbit…. Im general I’m a pretty normal teen :D

I’d love to get some messages and get to know youuu :)))!!!

Hi I’m Kya and I’m looking for internet bestie. I love one direction and 5sos I live in the US. I love Europe and plan on moving there one day


"you can’t be friends with people on the internet!"


"there’s no sense in having internet friends"


”..but you know you’ll never meet them, right?”


"people on the inernet won’t help you solve your problems!"


"i bet they’re all pedophiles"image